Meet the SalamMobile – Lovingly known as RUMI.

Rumi is based on ‘truck art style painting’ found in Pakistan. The design transcends beyond mere

visual aesthetics, which is a hallmark of truck art, to a role of a Dastaango or a storyteller.

The intent is to focus on the Australian Muslim story and to use the symbology to narrate the

story of all people who now call Australia home and to recognise that the world is a global village

and empathy for others is fundamental for not only coexistence in this village but the village

as a whole to thrive.

The car design follows the teachings of Maulana Jalal-ud-din Rumi, the great 13th century Poet,

Sufi mystic and scholar.

Just as he tried to create an atmosphere of dialogue and tolerance through his writing and

poetry, the imagery intends to initiate a conversation.

Rumi’s thoughts and practice revolved around humanity, love, compassion, acceptance, and

respect for others and their beliefs. Love, Peace and Compassion are the cornerstones of

SalamFest and guiding principle of the graphic designs on SalamMobile…

In traditional Islamic art, geometrical patterns and floral motifs play an essential part in car

design. The car’s graphic motifs and floral patterns are selected from all over the Muslim world…

The panels of the car make artistic references to many different cultures, for example:

  • There is an image of a Malaysian crescent shape kite;
  • The patterns of Palestinian headgear Kaa-fi-ya;
  • Patterns from Kaleem, which is a flat tapestry rug produced in countries from the Balkans to Pakistan;
  • Motifs from famous Turkish Iznik pottery which combines the designs of traditional blue and white Chinese porcelain images with Ottoman arabesque patterns as well as
  • Images of brightly coloured African textile prints

As a tribute to the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, we have assigned Brooke

Wandin, a Wurundjeri educator, visits schools and talks about local Aboriginal history and

culture. Similarly, a panel design based on Arabic script is a language shared

amongst Muslims of all countries. In short, each design element has something to offer and presents something to explore and discover.


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