Festival of Peace


Celebrating Contemporary Muslim Music, Art, Culture & Cuisine

Festival of Peace


Celebrating Contemporary Muslim Music, Art, Culture & Cuisine

Festival of Peace


Celebrating Contemporary Muslim Music, Art, Culture & Cuisine







Eid 2022 @QVM

Immerse yourself in Eid celebrations of different Muslim cultures that make up the beautiful multicultural Melbourne at the first ever Eid celebration at the iconic QVM in the Melbourne CBD

Our Awards

2021 State Government Award for Excellence in Arts

SalamFest is an annual cultural event showcasing the depth and breadth of Muslim arts, culture, food and spiritual traditions in Melbourne as a creative response to Islamophobia. 

SalamFest is celebrating its 4th annual festival in November 2019 at the iconic Melbourne venues of Federation Square and Queen Victoria market. with a lineup of international as well as local Muslim performers and artists from some of the 70 different nations that represent the rich and diverse Muslim community. 

Salamfest is an invitation to share in our culture and traditions. To break bread with us. To pray with us.  A festival of peace, we share Muslim arts, culture, food traditions, Abrahamic faith traditions with the Victorian and Australian community

Finalists of Melbourne Awards 2019-2022

“SalamFest needs to keep growing and potentially connect with global movements like Living Together.”

– Dr Patrice Brodeur, Canada Research Chair on Islam, Pluralism, and Globalization, University of Montreal, Canada

“A very interesting and creative response to Islamophobia and hate”

– Dr Azza Karam, chair UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Religion and Development

Premier's Sustainability Awards 2022

Nelly: Placeholder. To be Edit

What to expect at SalamFest



Muslim spirituality is built on the five pillars of Islam Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage.



Over the last 15 centuries Islamic Art has enriched the collective arts through different forms including Quránic illumination, calligraphy, Dikr, Whirling Derwishes, sacred geometry and many more.



The Muslim community in Australia comes from over 70 different cultures from regions like Middle East, Horn of Africa, Southeast Asia, Turkey, Bosnia and the Indian Subcontinent. This makes our contributions of diversity and culture quite unique.



From the coffee to the Knafeh, baklava, biryani, falafel, kebabs and many more, our contributions uniquely enrich the Australian cuisine.

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Testimonial 1

“I have never told my work colleagues that I am a Muslim, I want to invite them here to show them who we are”

Testimonial 2

“I am from Europe and can’t imagine any of our capital cities doing what you have achieved publicly in Melbourne”

Testimonial 3

“For the first time I can express myself in public. I feel I don’t have to be apologetic about my faith”

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