Renaud Gay is a French musician focusing on the use of traditional instruments. He believes that traditional instruments are the living memories of humankind’s heritage, expressing the most profound interactions between humanity and the environment they live in. Renaud has played world music instruments for more than 15 years in different projects and venues and with various artists worldwide. In 2010 he founded SoundScape Crew in Shanghai, China, a project gathering world musicians from different cultures around the idea of a modern blend of traditional sonorities. Renaud’s style is that of a free modern approach. He fully enjoys improvisation and relies on the moment’s truth where only the present gives shape to the music.

Instruments: Didjeridoo, Jaw harp, Algoza, Suling, Guembri, Ney, Throat Singing etc.

Instruments – Algoza: Algoza is a pair of flutes adopted by Sindhi, Rajasthani and Baloch folk musicians. Sound is generated by breathing into it rapidly. The quick recapturing of breath on each beat creates a bouncing, swinging rhythm and mesmerizing melody.

– Jaw harp: Jawharp is considered one of the world’s oldest musical instruments. Positioned between the teeth and with modulation of the throat, lips and breath, they produce a comprehensive and fantastic range of sounds.

“Morchang” is the Rajasthani type played by Renaud, also present in Pakistan under “Chang”.