Growing up with a close relationship with the Quran, Omran Omer was constantly fascinated by the simplicity and beauty of the Quranic Script. Having been born and raised in Melbourne, he found it extremely difficult to find a network of traditional calligraphers who could guide him to pursue his passion. This did not stop him. In 2006, Omran travelled to Medina to begin the first step of a lifelong commitment to the art of Arabic calligraphy. “I found that every letter was identical to the other. This was more science than art,” he says. Having developed a small network of internationally renowned calligraphers, he continues to perfect his craft by exploring the different Arabic Calligraphy styles embedded within the rich Islamic histories of nations, from as far as Saudi Arabia to Turkey. Currently running Diwani Studio, a design studio he Co-founded, he can provide services in calligraphy, digital design and identity design.