Husna Pasha is a Melbourne based businesswoman, author, media personality and public speaker. She’s funny, intelligent, brave and outspoken, and she’s attracting bigger and bigger audiences to her great mission –to create happier people.

Husna is an Indian Australian, raised in Tasmania by her hard-working parents, a mother of two, a wife and a Muslim woman. She embodies the true face of Australian life and culture – globally-connected, female, educated, experienced and aspirational.

After becoming a Guest Host on The Project and appearing numerous times in the media due to an initiative called ‘Speed date a Muslim,’ Husna has successfully raised her profile and is now speaking at many events to motivate and inspire people to take the right action step forward in their lives. She started her own life on-stage talk show in 2015 to empower people through entertainment. It’s the only show of its kind in Australia and is set to take the country by storm!!

The show was very successful, with a whole house of 220 people in January and July 2017. The shows have raised funds for suicide prevention as the show’s mission is to ‘bridge the gap between humans by creating happier people!’ As a result of this success, ABC Compass has approached her to do a documentary on her life and talk show, which will be aired on September 30th 2017.