Bushra is the co-founder and owner of Indybindi. An artistic Company where people can explore their talents at workshops run by Bushra and have a platform to display their creativity. Bushra recycles everyday items into colourful funky artworks. An artist in her own right, she uses many mediums of sketching and painting. She designed an art template that a local artist used to paint the Tram in Kolkata festival in December 2016 and currently working on a tram to be used this year at the Melbourne Arts Festival. She also participated by painting a life-size puppet elephant in Indybindi style for the Moomba Parade 2015. ArtPlay January 2017 Held a workshop at ArtPlay Multicultural Arts Victoria in 2014, where she was involved in various projects like workshops and events. For her, the act of creating art is the same kind of spontaneous fun a child experiences while playing, nothing strict or didactic, but freely flowing imagination. I volunteered to teach art to underprivileged women and children through Aashiyana in India in 2010. I later hired a few student artists to experiment and expand the Indybindi style of art. I have been exhibiting my artwork since 2012 in India, Hong Kong, New York and Melbourne. My art was appreciated and was covered in various publications in India.