Anisa Sharif is the Community Liaison Team Member of the Australian Federal Police, Melbourne office. Born Melissa (Anisa) Jayne Bilston in 1968 in Benalla in North Eastern Victoria, Anisa was the middle daughter of 3 girls. Her mother, Judy, was extraordinarily creative and greatly influenced all her daughters. Anisa moved to Melbourne as a young adult, where she met her (Indo – Fijian) husband, Mohamed Sharif and found Islam. His family began calling her “Anisa”, and the name stuck! Anisa has two children, a son Zayd & daughter, Liyana. Liyana has followed in her Mothers footsteps and is also a glass artist and a qualified Art Teacher. Anisa saw a great need to break down religious barriers, particularly after September 11. She developed programs to encourage the community to mix & start rebuilding open and trusting relationships through mosaic art initiatives with the Community Liaison Team at the Australian Federal Police. Anisa specialises in glass mosaics, with her influence drawn from Indian, Moroccan, Persian and Art Nouveau genres. She admits to being completely addicted to all things shiny and will work long hours to produce her intricate pieces in her home studio. Her pieces will often contain semi-precious stone, crystal and exquisite art glass.