Who we are:

Salamfest is a family-friendly festival which captures the true message of Islam – ‘Peace, Love and Compassion’. It is an opportunity for communities to engage and connect with everyday Muslims through the sharing of stories, values, arts, culture and cuisine encapsulating the spirit of multiculturalism that Victoria is renowned for. Salamfest is here to build bridges and create stronger partnerships based on shared values.

Salamfest is a Muslim arts festival being offered to the people of Victoria. The objective of the festival is to invite people from all walks of life to celebrate and explore new cultures and enjoy long-standing artistic talents entrenched in the 70+ diverse ethnicities represented under the Muslim Umbrella and that are firmly woven in the tapestry of our great nation.

Whirling Dervishes, Sufi chanting, contemporary Sufi dancing, fusion Instrumentals, Films, Spoken Words, Rumi recitals, interactive arts, Salam Mobile, Competitions, Masterclasses, Workshops and much more. These are just a snippet of what is on offer.