Our major arts project for 2018 was the Sacred Geometry Art competition. Art based on geometric patterns is among the most recognisable Islamic visual art form. From South East Asia to parts of Europe, Islamic craftsmen of the past used geometric principles and simple tools to create great works of art whose aesthetic appeal is unaffected by time, language and culture. SalamFest endeavours to provide opportunities for communities to engage and connect with everyday Muslims through sharing of stories, values, arts, culture and cuisine.

This year the calibre of entries was phenomenal, and our team was inspired by the amount of original thought, creativity that we witnessed in the submissions. We are collating all entries and will be putting it as a digital presentation that will be played at Fed Sq, which gets the largest number of visitors in Melbourne. We continually strive to provide the best possible platform to our artists and this is reflected throughout all our activities.

We also will be announcing results of our competition, winners will receive prizes from Sheikh Mazen Ahram who is the Imam and Monitor of All the Mosques in Jerusalem. It is an absolute honour for us to have the Sheikh because he is the 39th Descendant of our beloved Prophet PBUH. Regardless of who wins the prize all entrants will have an opportunity to get a group photo taken with the Sheikh.