Whether fostering social cohesion through community events or creating a safe, diverse space for Muslim women to share their stories, Ms Hana Assafiri is a compassionate and unspoken hero within the Victorian community. She is a tireless advocate for women in the community and a spokesperson for Islamic feminism in Australia. As a long-time Melbourne icon, she is celebrated for both her generosity and success as a businesswoman. Hana has dedicated her professional and private life to removing barriers that prevent women from living prosperous lives. By opening her first restaurant in 1998, the famous Moroccan Soup Bar in North Fitzroy–now an institution for many Victorians, Hana has provided employment opportunities for marginalised community members. Hana’s approach to business is unconventional and practical, being passionately grounded in understanding community and generosity. Hana introduced the concept of a verbal menu and communal eating to dining in Melbourne, contributing to a unique culinary culture embraced by Melbournians from all backgrounds, creating the sense of community Hana always strives to uphold.