Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad lead the best Qawwal groups in the world ‘Qawwal Bachon ka Gharana’ of Delhi which is approximately 705 years old, a music school founded in the 14th century that remains the best-known Gharana today. Qawwali is a Sufi devotional form known as the “path of the heart.” The traditional music works its way to ecstatic peaks with strong voices and percussive handclaps, seeking to transport musicians and audience closer to the Divine. Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad Qawwal and Brothers are masters of Qawwali Sufi music as well as classical genres such as Tarana, Thumri, and Khayal. Weaving together devotional and secular traditions, Ayaz and company have been bringing South Asian music to international audiences for over 30 years.