Mohamad was born in 1987, the youngest of 6 siblings. As a child, he remembers always liking doing things that were challenging. He would always search for activities or journeys that were rewarding. At the age of 25, he felt like he had achieved a lot in his life, but it wasn’t enough. Pottery came into his  life as a blessing. He had suffered from anxiety and a sense of hopelessness. Pottery helped him stay calm and focused on the present moment. It challenged him and rewarded him at the same time and still  does till this very day. He finds clay to be a very useful material when you have a creative mind. You  can stretch it and shape it however you are feeling. The pottery school he started at and still attends is called the Carlton art centre. He has been a potter for 4 years now and specializes in home decor. He has also started teaching pottery and running workshops around the country.