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Salam Fest Team

Ayesha Bux – Founder

Ayesha Bux is the founder of SalamFest. Her Great Great Grandfather came first to Australia in 1860. Her family is of Pakistani heritage and is in its seventh generation in Australia. She has a Masters in Computer Science from RMIT University and has taught at various universities. Ayesha is on the board of JCMA(Jewish, Christian, [...]

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Glenys Crawford

Glenys Crawford, is a highly respected Management Consultant with 27 years’ experience assisting businesses, government and community organisations with their business development and rapid growth. Glenys established Crawford Kaye Pty Ltd in 2004 to offer high level consulting cost effectively. She is assisting with project planning and handling event evaluation for SalamFest.

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Fiona Boyd

Fiona Boyd is the Co-founder and CEO of education technology startup ParentPaperwork. A transformative online platform that helps schools worldwide go paperless. She is a proponent of technology for human sake and community building and it gives her great delight to work with the SalamFest team to work on building community capacity and understanding through [...]

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Alan Loow

Alan is a Global Citizen, Project Manager and Social Entrepreneur with a very prestigious firm. Alan is a Muslim convert, born in Malaysia and living in Australia for more than 15 years. He has an appetite for Islamic Arts, Culture and Architecture and very blessed to be working alongside with Ayesha Bux, the founder of [...]

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Faeeza Jawaid

Faeeza is a Project Officer with the Australian Multicultural Foundation, a senior Clinical Research Associate at a contract research organisation and is currently completing her counselling placement for her Master of Counselling degree at Monash University. Faeeza also has a background in medical research (oncology) with 10 years in the industry. She has a strong [...]

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Sherene Hassan

Sherene Hassan is the Education director of the Islamic Museum of Australia. She served as vice president and secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria, the peak body for 90,000 Victorian Muslims for nearly eight years. She was one of the media spokespeople for the Council during that period. To date she has conducted over [...]

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Khalid Jamil Khateeb (Jamil)

Jamil is a passionate photographer, artist and a film-maker. He has a history of participation in various art shows including Saadequain, Awards Karachi, Wyndham Art Prize, The Bayside Art Show, IMA Art Exhibition and Nigaah Art Award. Jamil likes to experiment in various mediums and styles and believes a creative process is a journey which [...]

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Muslim, she is originally from Saudi Arabia and living in Australia for almost 10 years. She is a member of a Muslim Progressive Group aiming for a future where Islam is understood as a source of social dignity, justice, compassion and love for all humanity and the world. She joined SalamFest as a volunteer because [...]

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