Saif Baghdadi

Saif is a Baghdadi musician and has lived in Australia for just over 12 months now. His instrument is called an OUD and Safe is arguably manufactured the very first Australian OUD from Australian Walnut timber. Saif is a musician, singer, music teacher that teaches a range of musical instruments. His father is also a ... Read More »

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Sakina Shahzan

Sakina is a creative and passionate Henna artist. Her work is renowned for being distinctive, clean, flowing and contemporary. She is influenced by Indian, Pakistani and Arabic art. As well as cultural influences, her designs incorporate images from nature, including flowers, leaves and birds. She was brought up in a culture where Henna art is ... Read More »

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Shagufta (Sha) Yamin

Sha is a member of the Berwick Arts Society and as an artist , she enjoys painting in most mediums but more so using water colours. Her inspiration comes from within which is stimulated by the uniqueness of the content and context present within the surroundings. In other words, She often does not choose the ... Read More »

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Shakeel Tariq

Shakeel Tariq was born and raised in Melbourne Australia of Indian descent. At the age of 22 he started a course in Islamic studies. One subject of the course was Arabic calligraphy. Prior to this he completed a course in cabinet making and has a background of street art. Now he combines street art with ... Read More »

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Shehnaz Akhtar

Shehnaz started experimenting with oil painting, water colour and fabric painting when she was in secondary school. She further pursued her love for all things art and completed a silk flower arrangement course in Nazmabad at the Karachi school of arts . Now i am a florist in Melbourne as well as pursuing my passion ... Read More »

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Sohail Yamin – Artist

My quest to develop something novel and unique has led me to create contemporary abstract compositions. Alphabets, letters and words from essential elements of my design and the form and movement of the alphabets supplements my composition. I plan my design meticulously and then transfer these to paper with masking fluid. However, my selection and ... Read More »

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Tahir Qawwal

Leading Qawwali singers from Canada will delight and inspire you with the their subcontinental style melodic devotional music. A tradition that preaches peace and harmony, you will be swept back in time as you are carried away on the wings of the human voice and spirit.

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Manal Younus

Manal Younus is a writer, performance poet and creative producer. As a Muslim woman with Eritrean origins living in Australia, the young artist discovers and strengthens her identity while inciting thought and discussions amongst her audiences in schools, workplaces, conferences and communities. Her background in community work has seen her create inclusive, progressive spaces. In ... Read More »

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Husna Pasha

Husna Pasha is a Melbourne based business woman, author, media personality and public speaker. She’s funny, smart, brave and outspoken and she’s attracting bigger and bigger audiences to her great mission –to create happier people. Husna is an Indian Australia, raised in Tasmania by her hard working parents, a mother of two, a wife and ... Read More »

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Omran Omer

Growing up with a close relationship with the Quran, Omran Omer was constantly fascinated by the simplicity and beauty of the Quranic Script. Having been born and raised in Melbourne, he found it extremely difficult to find a network of traditional calligraphers who could guide him to pursue his passion. This did not stop him. ... Read More »

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