Sheikh Alaa – Quran Reciter

Graduated from Al-Azhar University Imam of Heidelberg mosque Melbourne Assistant Secretary of the Board of Imams of Victoria In 2016 Heidelberg mosque won the Victorian Multicultural award acknowledging our efforts Alhamdulellah for having very successful open days at the mosque inviting more than 300 people from the local area to the mosque to have tours ... Read More »

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Anisa Sharif

Anisa Sharif is the Community Liaison Team Member of the Australian Federal Police, Melbourne office. Born Melissa (Anisa) Jayne Bilston 1968 in Benalla in North Eastern Victoria, Anisa was the middle daughter of 3 girls. Her mother Judy was extremely creative and was a tremendous influence on all her daughters. Anisa moved to Melbourne as ... Read More »

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Brooke Wandin

Brooke is currently working as a Wurundjeri educator, visiting schools and talk about local Aboriginal history and culture.  She weaves to honour her great grandmother and all of the women who have gone before her.. When she weaves, she feels she is keeping her culture alive, it lives through her. She doesn’t always share what ... Read More »

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Bushra Hassan

Bushra is the cofounder and owner of Indybindi . An artistic Company where people can explore their talents at workshops run by Bushra as well have a platform to display their creativity. An artist in her own right, she uses many mediums of sketching and painting. She designed an art template that was used by ... Read More »

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Hana Assafiri

Whether it is fostering social cohesion through community events or creating a safe, diverse space for Muslim women to share their stories, Ms Hana Assafiri is a compassionate and unspoken hero within the Victorian community. She is a tireless advocate for women in the community, a spokesperson for Islamic feminism in Australia and as a ... Read More »

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Kamran Pasha

Kamran Pasha is a Hollywood writer, director, producer and novelist. Pasha has been a writer/producer on the NBC series Kings, a producer on NBC’s Bionic Woman and wrote and co-produced Showtime’s emotional drama Sleeper Cell. Pasha is also the author of two novels, Mother of the Believers and Shadow of the Swords. Come and watch ... Read More »

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Khalid Jamil Khateeb (Jamil)

Jamil is a passionate photographer, artist and a film-maker. He has a history of participation in various art shows including Saadequain, Awards Karachi, Wyndham Art Prize, The Bayside Art Show, IMA Art Exhibition and Nigaah Art Award. Jamil likes to experiment in various mediums and styles and believes a creative process is a journey which ... Read More »

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Lubna Yamin

Lubna is a qualified artist and has completed her diploma in Graphic Designs. She has worked as a professional graphic designer in advertising agencies and pharmaceuticals companies. Though she has not exhibited, she pursues painting as a pastime and her medium of choice are acrylics and water colours.

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Mohamad Soubjaki

Mohamad was born in 1987, the youngest of 6 siblings. As a child, he remembers always liking doing things that were challenging. He would always search for activities or journeys that were rewarding. At the age of 25, he felt like he had achieved a lot in his life, but it wasn't enough. Pottery came ... Read More »

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Oznur Ates

Oznur Ates is a leading and sought after Ebru ( Traditional Turkish Marbling) artist who is responsible for introducing this art form to Australia. She amalgamates the traditional materials and classical techniques with contemporary ideas to produce her artwork. Oznur believes art is sharing beyond time and is the coming together of different cultures, faiths ... Read More »

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