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Sheikh Mazen Ahram, Imam and Mraqib of all Mosques in Jerusalem

Sheikh Mazen Ahram is Imam and Muraqib (Monitor) of all Mosques in Jerusalem. Imam and khatib at the department of Waqaf and holy sites at Jerusalem. Member of the ulama at the holy house at Jerusalem Member of the council of ulama and imams of Jerusalem Member of the charitable and welfare association of Jerusalem ... Read More »

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Hameed Haroon, CEO Dawn Media Group

In Pakistani publishing and media. and art and culture communities, the name of Hameed Haroon is well regarded and widely recognized. In our small scene of art admirers and supporters, Mr. Haroon is one of the most passionate, and his interests are diverse and eclectic. It is an experience in itself to visit Mr. Haroon's ... Read More »

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Hameed Akhund, Secretary Endowment Fund Trust

Hamid Akhund is a leading Sindhi intellectual who initiated the Endowment Fund Trust, a non-profit organisation and has been working on preserving the indigenous culture of Sindh by undertaking various projects, which includes conducting workshops, lectures and concerts to increase public awareness. One aspect of Sindh's heritage is the province's rich Sufi tradition, that is ... Read More »

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