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Renaud Gay

Renaud Gay is a French musician focusing on the use of traditional instruments. Renaud has been playing world music instruments for more than 15 years in different projects, venues and with different artists from all around the world. In 2010 he founded SoundScape Crew in Shanghai, China, a project gathering world musicians from different cultures ... Read More »

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Nazeem Hussain

Nazeem Hussain has fast become one of the most in-demand TV and Radio personalities in Australia. Nazeem is best known as the star and creator of the critically acclaimed, 'Legally Brown', the TV show that broke ground with it's boundary-pushing content, received wide spread critical acclaim and was nominated for Most Outstanding Comedy at the ... Read More »

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Omran Omer

Growing up with a close relationship with the Quran, Omran Omer was constantly fascinated by the simplicity and beauty of the Quranic Script. Having been born and raised in Melbourne, he found it extremely difficult to find a network of traditional calligraphers who could guide him to pursue his passion. This did not stop him. ... Read More »

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Husna Pasha

Husna Pasha is a Melbourne based business woman, author, media personality and public speaker. She’s funny, smart, brave and outspoken and she’s attracting bigger and bigger audiences to her great mission –to create happier people. Husna is an Indian Australia, raised in Tasmania by her hard working parents, a mother of two, a wife and ... Read More »

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Manal Younus

Manal Younus is a writer, performance poet and creative producer. As a Muslim woman with Eritrean origins living in Australia, the young artist discovers and strengthens her identity while inciting thought and discussions amongst her audiences in schools, workplaces, conferences and communities. Her background in community work has seen her create inclusive, progressive spaces. In ... Read More »

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Sheikh Alaa – Quran Reciter

Graduated from Al-Azhar University Imam of Heidelberg mosque Melbourne Assistant Secretary of the Board of Imams of Victoria In 2016 Heidelberg mosque won the Victorian Multicultural award acknowledging our efforts Alhamdulellah for having very successful open days at the mosque inviting more than 300 people from the local area to the mosque to have tours ... Read More »

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